The Reds

  • Shiraz


The Whites

  • Sauvignon Blanc

Our Cellar

From the vines of Africa, our Cellar offers an exceptional variety of Truevines Wines, wine range. From the best wine-lands of Breedekloof in the Western Cape, South Africa. Our farmers have picked only the best of both red and white cultivars. With over 50 years worth of experience in winemaking, our wine-makers pay attention to every detail, to give you the finest money can buy. Whether in entry or premium wine selections, the work of our wine-makers speaks for itself in over 25 countries worldwide. We offer both single varietals as well as blends on our range of wines. Our wines are for both Export and local distribution. While our production is South African based, our main focus is Export markets, we are planning to distribute locally in retail stores (SPAR, Food Lovers Market,etc), nightclubs, restuarants, etc. We are currently distributing bottled wines. Our clients’ timeframes are critical to us and that is why we rely on what the client’s game plan is, to achieve the delivery goal. Our wines come bottled in 750 ml bottles, beautifully packaged. Our ranges are both entry and premium wines.

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