Truevines Wines statement

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste & soul.

Shumayela Holdings, The Company

Truevines Wines is a Black female owned brand. We are a brand that seeks to enhance the value chain within Agriculture. The brand demonstrates an excellent entrepreneurial spirit, combining the love for PR, events, travelling and most importantly people. Fostering success and setting high standards is KEY. The grapes are sourced from prime, wine growing regions in South Africa. Truevines wines takes part in various facets of the Natural Abundance. We epitomise joy, celebration and love…

South African Wines are one of the best in the world. We are a proudly South African company, looking at empowering women. Our plan is to become the biggest Non-Alcoholic wines manufacturer. For us as a Company, ownership of the Brand rests on the ownership of more land that produces wine. This is our ultimate goal as a brand.

Mastering the exporting of our wine brand is just but a component of the overall export capacity we want to develop and grow as a business. The development of young female entrepreneurs in our country has given us the edge to want to know and do better in strengthening other young black women in this country. We do not only believe in our brand, but we know it is set for a great success in the export markets but we want to ensure that it is a sustainable business for generations to come.

Our Lifestyle events are a celebration and an appreciation for the history that different nations bear, cultures and ideals. As we work towards the sales and marketing of our brand, we continue to build on the true reflection of our motto; “Your Trade, Our International Footprint”

Our Vision

To create a well-established South African wine brand for export purposes.

To develop International Lifestyle event concepts to promote South African wine brands such as Truevines wines.

Our Values

  • Transparency
  •  Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Value driven
  • Consumer focused
  • Service driven
  • Excellence


  • To promote and grow Truevines Wines internationally;
  • To market Truevines Wines as a wine brand for Corporate and Lifestyle events;

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